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    3  Testimonial(s)

This is a great site i´v ever known! I spent hours looking for the best porn site, but this takes only a minutes!! This probably the best rating site iv ever known!!! Hope all you guys find it too.. See ya!
GEOVER ZAMORA From Philippines 
Date Posted : Friday 14th of July 2006 08:19:53 PM

I´ve just recently started using your site and have found it very useful to avoid wasting my time in surfing through so many of the totally bogus sites that are linked together. It is interesting to see what other people think of the sites that you review and to see which of your reviewers have similar tastes to my own. Thank You.
ATIENZARONNIE From Philippines 
Date Posted : Wednesday 18th of January 2006 10:00:13 AM

The Best Porn Web site is a must for anyone putting down any money for an on line XXX site. It is the best way to avoid the scams. I check the Best Porn site to find out if the claims made are for real. If you want to know the truth about a site, just pull up the site by name or category and you can read the reviews of 4 reviewers who have checked it and tell it like it is....the truth. I can not tell you how many times i have joined a site only to find their XXX claims were a bunch of BS. Not anymore.Using your site i know what i am getting.
JOEL SOLDAO From Philippines 
Date Posted : Wednesday 18th of January 2006 09:59:08 AM


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